Monday, October 04, 2010

Road to Lausanne

Road to Lausanne

A week and a day from today Jocelyn and I leave for the third Global Lausanne Congress in Cape Town, South Africa. I’m super excited and totally stressed! This 10-day event runs back-to-back with IPS’s 7th New Zealand Experience, meaning that Jocelyn and I will fly straight from the congress to New Zealand to meet up with staff and students and embark on a month-long adventure exploring cross-cultural and missions photography. This, of course, means that almost everything for New Zealand has to be completed before we leave for South Africa… ouch. Hence the stress!

I’m super excited about Lausanne! I’ve been able to attend two pre-Lausanne events and have connected with other Christian leaders from across the United States. So far, I have been the youngest person I have seen connected with the Congress. I feel honored to be invited to attend, and extremely blessed to be networking with some of the leading Christian businessmen, ministry leaders, and thinkers of our day. I cannot wait to join those from around the WORLD in doing the same. Worshipping with 4000+ Christians from 191 countries in a huge auditorium will probably be the closest thing to heaven I experience on this earth!!

Our “road” to Lausanne is crazy. We leave on October 12 but don’t arrive until the 15th after traveling through Portland, Los Angeles, Nadi (Fiji), Auckland, Sydney, Johannesburg, and finally Cape Town. Please pray for safety and endurance as we traverse 5 countries, 5 airlines, 7 cities, and, uh, a lot of miles!

We are still raising support to help cover the expense of this trip. Use the PayPal button below if you feel led to contribute.



Liz said...

man! long trip! I hate that Sydney airport! Have a lot of fun!

Sarah Bradshaw said...

So, so, SO excited for y'all, and all that this trip will mean / bring for you!!