Wednesday, March 24, 2010

From the Archive: Ethiopian Pals

From the Archive: Ethiopian Pals

Rowan Gillson and Carl Larsen in Ethiopia

In the not so distant past I had the chance to travel to Ethiopia with my friends Carl and Angel to pick up their two boys. (Check out Angel's blog: for the fabulous ongoing story of their adoption!) Check out my previous post on the topic:

Now I'm really excited to be planning a DSLR Video Workshop in Portland with Carl. It's going to be an awesome week to hang out with a great friend and share the wonders of outstanding video production. Wanna join us? Please do:

Oh yeah... the photo above? I was loosely hanging on to my camera while another Ethiopian adoptee snapped away! :-)



Luke and Karen said...
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Luke and Karen said...

I didn't realize it was Carl that you went with! How cool is that! (Now I wish we could've met his entire family.)

Steph T said...

See...ANYONE can learn to take great photos!! :) Awesome! Sounds like a great workshop.