Friday, November 06, 2009

What's your V?

Rowan Gillson on the Great Wall of China.
What's your V?

In the year 1942 the United States of America joined in a worldwide campaign for peace and unity. In a time of little hope for the future we as a nation rallied together to promote the cause of freedom. V for Victory with the morse code V (dot, dot, dot, dash ) became a national symbol of hope that unified past generations and promised a brighter future. V for Victory became part of everyday life for our grandparents and every loyal American. Shop windows, postage stamps, and posters displayed the timeless spirit of American patriotism using the symbol V for Victory.

Nearly seventy years later we once again find ourselves in challenging times. Although we live in different circumstances, each of us has the opportunity to make a difference. Just as past generations embraced this symbol of victory, today we too can hold fast victory and hope for the present, as well as the future.

Make a difference for your community by joining our effort to rebuild a spirit of victory and unity. Your support can help create a new future.

It's simple - get your V sticker and stick it in your world. In the U.S. there are three hundred million people, give or take a few. That's three hundred million individual lives with unique personalities and amazing stories. Each one of us makes up the nation we call home. Together we can inspire the courage and hope that every American possesses.

You’re the first wave. V for US doesn’t go public until January, but they’re looking for support. Help launch a movement by using your gift—the camera—to create images that will inspire a spirit of Victory in your world.

Starting today, you can register for the “What’s your V” photo contest. We’ll send your V sticker free of charge and you start shooting. The sky’s the limit. We’re looking for images that show Americans or America; images that inspire courage, honesty, personal growth, and strong community. Use your sticker, use your fingers, shoot whatever V motivates you, and send it our way.

It’s a contest, so of course there are winners: first prize gets $50; two runner-ups claim $25 each. Oh, and don’t forget, you’re launching a movement! You can submit up to 10 images, and there’s no entry fee! Everything needs to be in by December 4th.

Ready to go? Read the Official Rules and register here:


Struggling for creatiVity? Try some of these Victorious words on for size:

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