Wednesday, November 18, 2009

From the Archive: Antwerp, Belgium

From the Archive: Antwerp, Belgium

A man reading in the train station.
Canon 30D | 1/6400s | f/1.4 | 50mm

On April 25, 2009, my siblings and I took the train from Bodegraven, The Netherlands, to Baueax, France. It was a holiday, which meant that the trains were full and running late. That combination wasn't an excellent one for us as we soon found that we had missed a connection. My brother Kennan was fabulous, and talked the powers that be into a reroute that still got us where we needed to go without extra fees.

The delays and rerouting gave us a bit of time at the main station in Antwerp, Belgium. We discovered that Belgian truffles really are excellent, as are their french fries. As we wandered around, passing the time before our next train, I happened to see this man sitting quietly by himself in front of some awesome windows. I made this exposure, and was grateful for our missed train!


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