Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Stolen computers

Stolen computers

I was planning to spend most of my day editing wedding pictures as I fly from San Diego to Washington DC and on to Atlanta. That's not going to happen today...

Last night I was staying with my friends Jeff and Gabrielle in San Diego. Jeff had a bad headache and headed to bed early; Gab and I chatted until about 11 when I headed outside to make a phone call and she went to bed. I like to walk and talk, so I wandered around the neighborhood for a while. When I walked back into their small house I immediately noticed my computer was gone off the table. I think my first thought was 'Oh God, please no...' I looked around for a bit and noticed that Jeff's laptop was also missing, but that my wallet was still there!

I woke up Jeff and Gab to see if hope against hope they had somehow moved our computers. Nope. So, we called the police to report a burglary, they sent two officers who took statements and info, etc, etc... It was a late night... Oh, and they took my iPod and digicam too.

I feel bad for Jeff and Gab. They lost all the pics from their recent trip to Italy. Not cool! They also have had the rather violating experience of having their house entered, while they were sleeping, and their stuff stolen! I can't really imagine! May God grant them peace and the ability to stay safe in their own home again!

Its a weird and unsettling feeling to lose a computer and no easier the second time. My mind races through all the stuff on it. Software is easy to replace: I could have a new system identical to my own in an hour at home. Data is a bit harder to replace... The worst is the personal info that's everywhere. I wonder if someone is going to find my credit card number or my address or if they are going through my email even as I write this. Oh, here's the best part though: I shot a wedding on Friday, and I still have all the pictures! I had literally just backed up my E drive not 30 minutes before! In fact, the thief disconnected my hard drive and left it sitting on the table for me!! I am so grateful to God for that! Oh, and my camera gear? Untouched.

Most of my work and ministry is conducted via computer, thus its loss creates a minor identity crisis. It is good to be reminded that I am more than a Facebook profile, an email address or an online photo gallery. Today I get to be human again.


Rowan Gillson

Institute of Photographic Studies


Kaylene Elise said...

Rowan, I'm praying for the miraculous safe return of both computers. And peace that passes understanding regardless of the outcome! God bless.

sethswifeforlife said...

Bummer this happened, Rowan. I really hope they find it for you. May God grant you grace, patience, & peace about the outcome.

Sarah Bradshaw said...

Cheering for your humanness. Praying that your laptop is restored.

Stephanie Lane said...

definitely praying for all three of you, as well as the return of your computers. Thanks for the reminder that we're more than technology!

Audri Lea said...