Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Canon EOS 7D arrives!

Canon EOS 7D arrives!

Just about a week after bemoaning the fact that it's a bad time to buy a camera Canon comes through an announces the new Canon EOS 7D. This is an unexpected name, but appears to be a brilliant camera! Here's a few key specs:
  • 18MP APS-C sized CMOS sensor
  • 19 point AF system
  • Built in Speedlight transmitter (About time!!)
  • New Focus Color Luminance metering system
  • 100% 1.0x magnification viewfinder with changeable overlay (who'd have thought?)
  • 8 frames per second
  • Full HD video with adjustable frame rate
It'll be a while before I get my hands one one of these, but the initial specs look pretty impressive. I may have to pick one up as a backup camera.

For more info check out the review at dpreview.com: http://www.dpreview.com/news/0909/09090105canoneos7d.asp



Nate and Robyn Copper said...

How do you think this one compares to canon's 5d mark II? (in case you were wondering, I'm taking the lazy man's way out and letting others do the research for me:) and maybe I don't have all that much time to try things out...

Anyways, just wondering where in the line you would put this one. As you know, I'm in the market for a new camera sometime this year.

Rowan Gillson said...

It's definitely between the 5D Mark II and the 50D. Actually... I think because of its speed, this would probably be a better camera for you.