Sunday, August 09, 2009

Weekend Wedding Extravaganza Pt. 2

I have a new least favorite airport. It could be the $4.50/gal gas station, or maybe its the massive lines at 7am on a Sunday morning, or maybe I'm just tired, but Orlando International Airport is topping my list right now...

This weekend has been awesome... I think all told I've gotten more sleep than I expected, but last night was still a pretty short and interrupted 3 hours. Brian and I shared a hotel room, and between the two of us we kept our computers humming with still downloads and DV video capturing. Michelle and I shot 1500 images for about 12GB. Brian and his team shot 50-some gigs of video... I'm glad I didn't have to download that much.

We did kind of a weird swapperoo for today's travel. Brian gets into San Antonio first, so he's going to grab the car. I had extra weight available in my bags so we traded... I got a MacBook Pro, 2 big video batteries, and a ton of metal washers... yeah, metal washers. They go on a steady cam for video shooting. Brian got my drivers' license and credit card. Not a fair trade. The car was prepaid in my name, so I have to pick it up, BUT, the company has kiosks where you just swipe your cards. If all goes well, Brian will have a car waiting for me when I walk out of the terminal and we'll be on our way. If not... uh... at least I have my passport! :-)

So, Mary and Andrew's wedding went really well. They were both in fine form and seemed to be quite with it and enjoying the day. (I always feel bad for the couples who are so out of it that they don't even remember what happened!) I thought pictures went well... we were a bit rushed because the florist forgot the corsages, but I think we made it work anyway. Should be fun to look through the pictures tomorrow... :-)

Here's a couple favorites until then.

The dress
Mary's dress

Mary and Andrew
Andrew and Mary

Coming down the aisle
Mr. Fear bringing Mary down the aisle

Mary and Andrew
Mary and Andrew

Bridal party
The bridal party

Mary and Andrew
Mary and Andrew

More pictures will be up at in a few days.


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