Monday, August 03, 2009

Three Days at VOICE

Three Days at VOICE. This weekend gave me the opportunity to spend some time with the staff and students of the VOICE program in Oklahoma City, OK. VOICE (Visualizing Opportunities in Character and English) was started by Karen Kallberg (Chen) in 2004 as a summer study program for Asian high school and college students. Participants travel to the United States for month of Bible studies, English classes, American culture, fun, fellowship, and coaching by a dedicated Christian staff. Most students who attend this program profess faith in Jesus Christ before attending, but many have come to know Him as their personal savior through VOICE.

I was really blessed this weekend to make some great new friends, and to reconnect with some lifelong soul mates. It was a blessing, and it was hard. VOICE has been a significant part of my life since 2004, but this summer I could only be there three days. They were good days. I was honored to speak to the leadership track students; encouraged to see new students loving Jesus more because of VOICE; challenged by the incredible musical Tim Chen wrote and the VOICE students produced; strengthened in my desire to see others step forward and play an active role in ministry for the Kingdom of God. What a great weekend!

There’s no way to mention everyone in a brief note, but here goes…
Karen and Luke—Are there words? I count myself privileged to be your friend and value every collaboration between us.
Team Leaders—Your love for Jesus and for each one of your students was so evident! Long hours and hard work did nothing to diminish your enthusiasm for investing the Gospel of Jesus Christ into your students!
V2 Students—I am so proud of you guys! Long may you continue to grow as People of Influence.
Tim—I stand amazed at the gifts God has given you. The musical was a masterpiece. I want to love Jesus more because I saw it. Truly…
Elise—The musical would not have happened without you. Thanks for playing your heart out on the piano!

Be sure to check VOICE out online:

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Luke and Karen said...

I guess I came across this a little late, but I want to say thanks from me and Luke as well as the entire conference. Thanks for joining us-- even for three short days-- and for cheering us on, even when some of us were tempted to quit...